Thanksgiving Gratitude

December 2, 2022

Housing Services Thanksgiving Celebration

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, the Housing Services Program hosted their Annual Thanksgiving Celebration.  With generous donations from our donors and community partners such as Pastor Kathy Huck founder of About My Father’s Business, Kiwanis Club of Chatsworth, Congregation Or Ami, and Tania Centino, we served approximately 250 program participants in our program [Transitional Housing and Permanent Supportive Housing] as well as community members.  This year’s celebration was a special one, giving thanks for many reasons including health, togetherness, and social gatherings. We gave thanks for the ability to gather in person and celebrate together.  

The Penny Lane Centers CEO, Wendy Carpenter, opened the festivities with a heartfelt thank you to all the donors and volunteers and then invited all our honored guests to take part in the festivities.  Wendy and other staff along with over a dozen volunteers took part in serving our families.  Housing Services’ own Edwin Olmedo, Intake and Placement Specialist, who organized this event was also the D.J. for the evening and played great music and kept everyone entertained. This year, we also had a photo corner where our families took memorable pictures as a souvenir and as a reminder of good times and togetherness.

The air was filled with joy and laughter and in every corner of the room you looked there were children enjoying the celebration with their parents/grandparents.  They were all dressed up for this event and were so thankful to be part of the celebration. Our program participants were also very grateful to share the Thanksgiving meal with the staff, donors, and volunteers. Overall, the evening was a success, and it was such a privilege to be hosting our participants.

-Shiva Berjis & Edwin Olmedo, Penny Lane Centers

Tis the Season of Gratitude, Cheer and Celebration

That was the feeling of our volunteers, donors, board members, staff, and clients as they participated in Penny Lane’s 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Drive Through Event.  The line of cars at 10am was overwhelming but the joyful faces of all our those receiving turkeys and all the necessities for their own Thanksgiving feast was so uplifting to all those helping with the event.   Volunteers included folks from Amplified Entertainment, Kappa Fraternity , Board members as well as their family and friends, PLC staff and community members.  Everyone was  excited to meet the beautiful families, give a little, celebrate and dance for joy due to the goodness of giving to others.    

Thanksgiving is all about gatherings of family and friends, showing gratitude for each and every person who has made a positive contribution to your life.  Thanksgiving and the winter holidays are a time for gathering and gratitude and bringing joy to our families whoever we each may include in that grouping.  We at Penny Lane could not do this event without the help and generosity of our donors and volunteers.  We heard as well as saw on many faces the gratitude of our clients and our community to be helped in their capacity to provide a special and more complete dinner and Thanksgiving experience. Penny Lane is grateful to donors, board members, staff and all of our community partners as they help us to transform lives within our communities.

Check out the video below!

-Nydia Barakat, Penny Lane Centers