Adult Full-Service Partnership (FSP)

Providing hope, support, and unconditional commitment to people in crisis.

Recovery, Health & Well-being

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (DMH) Adult Full Service Partnership (FSP) programs provide comprehensive, intensive, community-based mental health services to adults with a severe mental illness (SMI). 

Adult FSP Services aim to help clients increase their ability to function at optimal levels, decrease homelessness and incarcerations, and reduce unnecessary medical and psychiatric urgent care and emergency room visits and hospitalizations. For those clients that are homeless, Adult FSP Services will help them transition from street to home by providing immediate and on-going assistance with securing and maintaining housing. Services are based on clients’ individual needs and goals, with a commitment to do “whatever it takes” to help them progress toward recovery, health, and well-being. 


German Ortiz
Regional Director