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Creating families in California

Embarking on the journey of adoption with Penny Lane Centers is both transformational and heartwarming. While we champion family reunification for its benefits to child development and well-being, we also acknowledge the vital role of adoption. In cases where children cannot reunite with their biological families, our focus shifts to providing them with permanent, safe, and loving homes. This approach unites families from diverse backgrounds and creates lasting bonds that foster stability and happiness, ensuring every child thrives in a nurturing environment.

The Penny Lane Centers Adoption Services

Penny Lane holds a license as a full-service adoption agency in California offering comprehensive services to families and supporting them on their adoption journey. Our program includes:

- Pre-Approval Training: Essential training for Foster/Adopt parents, preparing them for the responsibilities ahead.

- Family Assessments: Conducting in-depth Home Studies to evaluate the suitability of homes for child placement.

- Child Placement: Carefully matching children with appropriate and loving adoptive families.

- Adoption Finalization Assistance: Providing guidance and support through the final stages of the adoption process.

How Long Does The Adoption Process Take?

The time frame for the adoption process varies for each family. Some of the factors that impact the time frame include the matching process, the family’s readiness to complete the required forms, documents, and interviews, and the family circumstances of the child waiting to be adopted. On average, adoptions in California through Penny Lane Centers take between 12-18 months.

What Are The Steps And Requirements For The Adoption Process At Penny Lane Centers?

The adoption process at Penny Lane Centers is comprehensive and parallels the foster care approval system. Prospective adoptive parents need to complete several steps including creating an online profile, attending orientation, completing training sessions, and undergoing home inspections. Essential documentation like identification, financial records, health reports, and legal clearances must be provided. The process, from adoptive placement to finalization, typically spans four to eight months, with ongoing support and guidance from Penny Lane Centers staff

What Are The Typical Costs Associated With The Adoption Process In California?

Penny Lane Centers makes adoption financially accessible, with no fees for our assessment services. The main expenses for families are related to preparing their homes and optional legal fees, which can range from $400 to $700. Notably, families can receive reimbursement for up to $400 in adoption-related expenses, demonstrating our commitment to support and facilitate the adoption journey economically.

What Post-Adoption Support Does Penny Lane Offer?

Penny Lane offers a robust Post-Adoption Support Services (APSS) program designed to help families navigate the complexities of life after adoption. The services are comprehensive, supporting both the emotional and practical needs of adoptive families. With a focus on lifelong support, the program includes case management, therapy, and parenting resources. These services are tailored to address challenges such as behavioral issues and adjustment to adoption, ensuring families and adoptees receive the necessary support for a successful transition. Click here for a comprehensive understanding of our adoption support services.


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Charito Guerrero
Senior Director of In Home Services