Family Preservation

Reducing childhood maltreatment, one family at a time.

Here to strengthen families.

This program is designed to preserve and strengthen families who are involved with Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) due to allegations of abuse or neglect.  Families who receive Family Preservation services may have had prior challenges including domestic violence, substance abuse, mental health issues or others.

In-Home Outreach Counselors (IHOC) work with families to strengthen their parenting skills and communication, while also working to decrease challenges related to domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health or other presenting issues.   FP links families to needed resources to help them complete their DCFS case plan while either keeping their children in their home or helping families reunify with their children.  

Clients are referred to this program through DCFS.  If you are interested in receiving Family Preservation services, please speak with your DCFS Children’s Social Worker.  


North Hills
Marcelina Ceballos
Clinical Supervisor
Shannon Houselog
Clinical Manager