Intensive Services Foster Care Behavioral Health (ISFC SEBN)

Providing a safe and nurturing family environment for children with trauma to heal

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Understanding special needs.

Intensive Services Foster Care Behavioral Health Program (ISFC SEBN) is a placement for children/youth ages 6-21. Children and youth who qualify for ISFC SEBN typically have behaviors that have led to multiple foster care placements, psychiatric hospitalization, or group home placements. These children/youth must have a family who will take the time to understand their special needs, and provide a loving, supportive environment for them to heal from the trauma they have experienced in their lives.

Once a child/youth are matched to a family, they will receive intensive services that include an in home counselor, therapist, social worker, psychiatrist, and any other service providers that might be needed to assist with the care. Services are provided multiple times a week and vary from in the home, community, or a Penny Lane office. The ISFC team is on call for assistance 24 hours a day. Resource parents who have an ISFC youth placed in their home receive a higher monthly reimbursement.


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General Inquiries
Charito Guerrero
Senior Director of In Home Services
General Inquiries
Edgar Cobos
ISFC Family Specialist