Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS)

Helping youth and families understand what adoption means to them.

Post Adoption Support

APSS is a service that is provided to families who have completed an adoption and are now facing challenges that impact the family as a result to circumvent disruption. The services are also provided where the children/youth have adoption as their permanency plan when a family may or may not have been identified as the potential adoptive parent(s). The APSS case managers provide adoption specific education and linkages, to other needed services. They support the children/youth and potential adoptive parents through the process of finalizing their adoption. APSS Case Managers also provide on-going community training on topics that impact the adoption community.

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General Inquiries
Penny Lane Foster Family Agency
Ask to be directed to APSS

Referrals are made pre-adoption by the adoption children’s social worker, or direct referral through Adoption Assistance Program, Post Adoption Services

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