Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS)

Helping youth and families understand what adoption means to them.

What is Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS)?

Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS) is a service provided to families in the adoption process and are now facing challenges that impact the family as a result. Services are also provided when the children/youth have adoption as their permanency plan. They support the children/youth and potential adoptive parents through the process of finalizing their adoption. APSS Case Managers also provide on-going community training on topics that impact the adoption community. The adoption process does not end once a child is adopted, which is why Penny Lane offers lifelong post adoption support to all adoptees, adoptive families, birth parents, and other loved ones.

Post Adoption Support

The Adoption Promotion & Support Services  Program offers adoption-specific services designed to encourage, expedite, and maintain Los Angeles County DCFS and Probation children in safe, loving adoptive homes. APSS is a supportive resource for matched and unmatched children and caregivers; adoptive families, families considering adoption, including those involved in the Resource Family Approval (RFA) process; hesitant children or children transitioning into adoptive homes, Children in Planned Permanent Living Arrangements, and Non-Minor Dependents that can benefit from a plan of adoption. Families can receive adoption-specialized help with issues regarding adoption, parenting an adopted child, behavioral problems, children who are ambivalent about adoption, and support adopting a sibling group.

Services are available even after the adoption has finalized. APSS provides support in the form of Case Management, Adoption Focused individual or family therapy, Adoption focused parenting, Mentoring, and Support Groups. APSS services are free, voluntary, and available until the adoptee is 21 years of age. To initiate services with an open DCFS case please contact your Adoption’s Children’s Social Worker. Post adoption families can request APSS services by calling the Post Adoptions Hotline: (800) 735-4984.

How to Help Families With Post Adoption Support

We welcome donations, volunteers, and mentors to support our programs and services. 

We are always looking for adults having gone through the adoption process to join our team as mentor/volunteers working with our families. This program specifically requires this pre-requisite to volunteer.  The adoption process can be rewarding and difficult so the role of these volunteers would be to provide support to our families as someone “who has been through it.”   Please contact the mentor coordinator for this program if you would be interested in this opportunity, Please email for more information and to interact with our APSS team.

Adoption Promotion & Support Services are also available to adoptive families who are facing challenges in parenting their children, need individual, family and group therapy and could benefit from mentors and support groups for their adoptive children. For those families needing more intense services, Wraparound services are now available to adoptive families. Adoptive families can contact our Helpline for APSS referral, and an application for Wraparound services.

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General Inquiries
Alexandra Fryer
APSS Program Supervisor

Referrals are made pre-adoption by the adoption children’s social worker, or direct referral through Adoption Assistance Program, Post Adoption Services

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