Enhanced Care Management (ECM)

Welcome to Penny Lane's Enhanced Care Management: Your Path to Comprehensive Healthcare and Support.

Welcome to Penny Lane's Enhanced Care Management (ECM) program, designed to provide you with the support you need to navigate the complex world of healthcare.

Our ECM program, offered in partnership with L.A. Care Health Plan, Health Net, and Anthem, is a voluntary benefit tailored for Medi-Cal members seeking additional assistance..

Our ECM services are led by dedicated Care Managers and overseen by a Clinical Consultant, ensuring members receive personalized care and guidance.

Eligible ECM members will benefit from services that extend beyond traditional healthcare, including assistance in finding the right doctors, scheduling appointments, understanding medications, and connecting members to vital community resources such as food and housing services, job counseling, and more.

At Penny Lane, we believe in a comprehensive approach to care that addresses both clinical and nonclinical aspects of your well-being. ECM represents a collaborative and interdisciplinary effort to deliver intensive and thorough care management services to specific Populations of Focus, including:

  • Individuals and Families Experiencing Homelessness
  • Individuals At Risk for Avoidable Hospital or Emergency Department (ED) Utilization (formerly called High Utilizers)
  • Adults with Serious Mental Health and/or substance use disorder (SUD) Needs
  • Children and Youth Enrolled in California Children’s Services (CCS) with Additional Needs Beyond the CCS Condition
  • Children and Youth Involved in Child Welfare (up to age 26)
  • Individuals with Developmental and Other Complex Needs
  • Pregnant and Postpartum Individuals (Adults & Youth) At Risk for Adverse Perinatal Outcomes

Our ECM benefit encompasses seven core services that aim to improve your overall well-being to eligible members:

  • Outreach and engagement
  • Comprehensive Assessment and Care Management Plan
  • Enhanced care coordination
  • Health promotion
  • Comprehensive transitional care
  • Member and family supports
  • Coordination of and referral to community and social support services