Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Penny Lane's Commitment to Equity

Penny Lane is committed to advancing equity for all. Since its inception Penny Lane Centers has been an agency of action. We now find ourselves motivated more than ever to address the issues of racial justice for the underserved and marginalized communities. To that end we have taken great steps to share our DEI vision with both our staff and the clients we serve. In June 2020 Penny Lane created the Racial Justice Committee. From that time, we have implemented policy and procedures to advance racial and social justice. The Racial Justice Committee has implemented strategies and adjusted policies to affirm our stance on Racial and Social Justice. This committee has been key to our organization to implement practices that highlight the DEI values Penny Lane has put in place. Here are just a few steps that the Racial Justice Committee has taken to show our commitment to equity:

Penny Lane's Commitment to Inclusion

Penny Lane Centers has become committed to inclusion within our organization. The Penny Lane Inclusion Statement outlines how Penny Lane Centers (PLC) connects our heart, our knowledge, and our understanding of the lived experience of others, to have a revolutionary impact on the marginalized communities we serve, who have experienced disadvantages in access to care and resources due to social injustice and systemic racism. We believe that the elimination of systemic racism and other forms of oppression is critical in providing effective human services. At this time, we are focusing on systemic racism directed toward the Black community because of its 400 years of persistence and volatile present day political climate we are now experiencing.

Penny Lane’s Commitment to Diversity

White supremacy culture is one that supports the idea that White people and the ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions of White people are superior to People of Color and their ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions. This idea (or ideology) is the glue that binds together institutional policies and practices to create a national and global white supremacy system. Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is an act. Penny Lane Centers is made up of a rather diverse workforce, but we recognize that there is more we can do to enhance/increase diversity and inclusion in the agency. Simply declaring a stance on Racial Justice is not enough. We must put action behind our words. We have to act in a way that creates inclusion. Here are a few examples of our recent inclusive actions that show our commitment to our DEI values:

It is our hope that these action steps will convey our message of equity not only to our staff but also to our community and demonstrate the commitment we have made to racial justice and to further highlight our DEI values. In order to change and evolve individuals need to step outside of their comfort zone and organizations need to step away from the stabilizing forces and create some instability. With discomfort/instability there will be change. In the discomfort and instability, we will work together to find out how to create a new era of comfort. We must push beyond ourselves to ask the tough questions and change our feelings related to diversity to invite inclusion. Penny Lane is committed to bringing all voices to the table. We respect differences and allow for new/different perspectives. Through this collaborative effort, we have the potential to value one another on an inclusive level. Get involved by donating, mentoring, or volunteering.

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