Relative Support Services (RSS)

Supporting relatives and non-related extended family members to meet the needs of the children in their care.

Meeting the needs of relative children.

Relative Support Services is designed to give families the guidance and support they need to meet the needs of the relative children in their care. 

To qualify for these services, a family simply needs to be taking care of a child that is a relative or non-related extended family member within Los Angeles County. Penny Lane provides services to those families that reside in the San Fernando Valley and Santa Clarita areas. Families who do not live within these areas, will be provided with the contact information for the corresponding agency which provides this service in their area.  

Services begin with an assessment conducted by the Penny Lane Relative Family Specialist. This assessment is designed to determine the family’s most pressing needs and helps to develop a plan to best meet those needs. 

The Relative Support Services Program provides a wide range of help to relative families. The most common forms of support include assistance with food, diapers, clothing for the child and help linking the child and family to support groups, childcare, tutoring, housing and whatever needs they may have and which we are able.The Relative Support Services Program hosts several events each year that are designed to help families feel a part of a supportive community which in turn educates and links families to necessary services. These events are also designed to be fun and engaging for the entire family and frequently include the distribution of donated items for the entire family.


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