Prevention and Aftercare (P&A)

Helping families thrive through family centered services and innovative practices.

Helping Families Thrive

Prevention and Aftercare is a partnership between Penny Lane and The Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) with the aim of helping families thrive and achieve bright futures. Our goal is to reduce child neglect and maltreatment by taking a holistic approach to each family’s needs. Our diverse heart-centered programing and services are available in the Antelope Valley.  

These are a few of our services provided:

Case Navigation

Connecting families to community resources and opportunities with the help of Case Managers, who can provide families reliable and empowering services. We provide one on one guidance and are a gateway expanding families’ networks of resources in the community.


We have a therapist that can provide mental health services and resources to families as needed.

Parenting Classes

We offer weekly parenting classes in English and Spanish covering a wide array of topics relevant to child development and engagement. Our programing is comprehensive, and court certified.

Family Workshops

We provide a diverse set of fun and family friendly workshop that include activities that empower parents and children alike. We want both children and parents to develop leadership skills that can in turn strengthen family bonding. Workshops are updated monthly to provide diversity in our programing.

Community Events

We host events for families to have fun and engage in a safe setting. These events can include back to school backpack drives, Holiday events, and other goal centered activities.


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