Penny Lane's Safety Summit 2023

April 29, 2023

The 2023 Safety Summit at Penny Lane Centers

Every day we get to hear and share about all the amazing things happening at Penny Lane but, what we don't always realize the many things that happen behind the scenes. One of those “behind the scenes” things we would like to bring to the forefront is the Safety Summit. You are all probably wondering what is the Safety Summit? No, this is not when the Safety Summit members hike up to a tall mountain peak to contemplate all things safety. We do contemplate all things safety, but it is usually on a second-floor conference room at Penny Lane! The Safety Summit under the leadership of Erik Ingebrigtsen is an annual meeting with leaders from various departments that review the current Emergency Management, Environment of Care, and Infection Control and Prevention plans. These plans are evaluated, and changes are made accordingly. The committee members assess what went well over the past year and identify opportunities for improvement for the upcoming year.  Specific measurable goals are set and monitored throughout the year. These are just some specifics of what goes on during the Safety Summit but the priority, and most important function is to keep our staff, clients, and families safe!

Below are some highlights from our Safety Summit in 2023!

Our response during COVID-19:

  • The Back to Work committee worked diligently to keep up with the ever-changing COVID-19 guidance; providing protocols that align with public health and other regulatory agencies, choosing to err on the side of safety and ensure that informational resources and supplies were readily available to all. According to the Annual Proactive Risk Assessment Survey
  • 99% of staff believed that Penny Lane provided access to adequate informational resources regarding COVID
  • 19.95% of staff felt that Penny Lane provided adequate supplies for staff to help prevent the spread of COVID
  • 19.99% of staff agreed they were adequately trained in proper handwashing procedures

Staff injuries for 2023:

  • Staff injuries remain low
  • 5% of staff for the North Hills Family Center
  • 5% of staff for the Commerce Family Center
  • 4% of staff for the AV Family Center                   
  • 0% of staff for the North Hollywood Family Center

The number one reason for injury was slips, trips, and falls so please make sure to pay close attention to that fall prevention course we are assigned annually on Relias- our online training platform!

The Joint Commission:

TJC accreditation re-survey occurred in December 2021 and was a success! We received a detailed report in early 2022. Overall, we had a 92% compliance rate. We had some findings but nothing causing immediate harm to our client’s safety or treatment. We have already corrected those findings. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that the surveyors were very impressed with our staff!


Security guards and security hours were increased with extensive training of guards and implementation of security goals.


  • Safety drills occurred monthly as practice makes perfect! As Community Liaison Safety Officer, Erik Ingebrigtsen, meets with Law Enforcement frequently and keeps Penny Lane aware and updated on safety happenings within our community.
  • CPI verbal intervention training was made available to all staff. This is important training for us all so if you haven't taken it yet, I would put it on your to do list! You may reach out to Melissa Swait to sign up.
  • Safety in the Field is another important training that can be taken on Relias.


  • The IT department has worked endlessly on increasing the safety for all.
  • They have placed desk phones in several offices so pages can be heard, and outgoing calls can be made in case of emergencies.
  • Safety devices were made available to all staff. If you haven’t picked one up, please be sure to do so next time you are in the office.

What changes are being made to increase safety and security for 2023?

  • Armed Security guards with extensive training and in-depth background checks through the DOJ.
  • Panic buttons on desk phones in offices. The panic button will alert the front desk of any emergency. The receptionist will be trained on steps to take when alerted.
  • New and improved camera systems at certain locations.
  • Gate installation between Imagine Village and AV Family Center.
  • Returning to in person sign in sheets at each location as the receptionist needs immediate access to who is always in the office in case of an emergency.
  • Due to the fentanyl crisis, we have increased the access/availability of Narcan nasal spray. It is available at the front desk of the Commerce, Lancaster, and North Hills locations as well as other specified areas where signage is posted. All Incident Commanders also have Narcan nasal spray with their equipment. All staff are required to take the Narcan nasal spray training on Relias every December. Of course, if you want a refresher before then, you can always go into Relias and take the training at any time.
  • Safety Committee meetings have temporarily been moved from quarterly remote meetings to monthly in person meetings at each location. For the time being, we believe having these meetings in person and more frequently will increase our communication and awareness of safety issues and be able to resolve them in a quick and efficient manner.
  • A Safety Strategic Plan for 2023 has been created. It is intended to be a living document that reflects the vision set forth during the Safety Summit and monitored throughout the Safety Committee meetings.

If you have any safety concerns or suggestions to improve the safety at Penny Lane, we would love to hear from you! You can email the Safety Committee at your location or reach out to one of the Safety Committee members. If you are ever interested or want to know more about becoming a Safety Committee representative or an Incident Commander, please reach out to Erik Ingebrigtsen.

Stay Safe and Be Well!

-Nurse Jan Cuadra, Penny Lane Centers