Penny Lane's LGBTQ+ Programs Expand!

March 31, 2023

Embracing Identities Program is Back!!

Penny Lane’s LGBTQ+ Programs are expanding with a much-loved program  returning – now better than ever!  Embracing Identities is back and will now cover SPAs 1, 2, 3, & 7: the Antelope Valley, the San Fernando Valley, the San Gabriel Valley, and the East LA area.

Embracing Identities is a program designed to support LGBTQ+ youth aged 16 to 25.  The program offers a range of services, including referrals and linkages to other community resources, youth support groups, family support groups, and community education.  The aim of the program to help create safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ youth, who often face unique challenges and discrimination.

One of the key components of Embracing Identities is its support groups for LGBTQ+ youth.  These groups provide a safe and supportive environment where young people can connect with others who share similar experiences.  Participants are able to share their stories, offer and receive support, and build a sense of community.  In addition to youth support groups, the program also offers family support groups, which help family members better understand and support their LGBTQ+ loved ones.

Embracing Identities also recognizes the importance of community education and empowerment.  The program offers workshops and LGBTQ+ Toolkit Trainings to promote understanding and acceptance for all.  Through these efforts, the program hopes to reduce stigma and promote a more inclusive and accepting society.

For more information on Embracing Identities and our other LGBTQ+ programs, please contact Summer D. Gomez at or 818-588-1583.

-Summer Gomez, Penny Lane Centers

Penny Lane's EDGY Conference is May 10th!!

EDGY 2023: More Than Sexuality or Gender

Penny Lane Centers proudly presents EDGY (Embracing the Diversity of GLBTQ+ Youth and families), a one day conference to build awareness and cultural competency, learn current and emerging best practices as well as gather resources from leading experts and organizations to create a more supportive environment for LGBTQ+ youth and families.

Oftentimes when working with LGBTQ+ individuals the focus is on their sexuality and/or gender identity. However, many of the issues and challenges for LGBTQ+ persons are common to many other youth and young persons. This year we want to look at the whole person and how we can support them to overcome challenges that – although not specific to the LGBTQ+ community – are prevalent within their lives. This would include issues like eating disorders, self-cutting/self-harm and even bullying. It is also more common in the politics and media today to hear negative things specifically targeting LGBTQ+ individuals forcing many to feel even more insecure and apprehensive about their future. How do we help our young people cope and thrive? The focus of EDGY this year will be working together to help nurture confidence in who they are – which is so much more than who they choose to love or what their gender identity may be.

Are you or your team interested in attending Penny Lane Center's 13th Annual EDGY Conference? Tickets are now on sale until May 8th!! Space is limited, don't miss your chance to join our community and attend EDGY 2023!

"Equality means more than passing laws. The struggle is really won in the hearts and minds of the community, where it really counts." -Barbara Gittings


-Cameron Glasgow, Penny Lane Centers