Past Events in November 2022

December 2, 2022

TAYSTOCK 2022: California Dreamin'

Each year both Transition Aged Youth Drop in Centers celebrate the program’s anniversary through TAYSTOCK which aims to showcase the program’s commitment to art, music, and community.  Each year it is made possible by the combined efforts of the TAY Drop in Centers, Partnerships for Families, Tailored Services for LGBTQ+ Youth and Substance Use Disorder program.  Altogether both events gathered over 100 community partners and over 200 attendees!

TAYSTOCK ’22: California Dreamin’ was a resounding success at both the Commerce and Lancaster locations.  This year both sites were able to have the event 100% in person with fewer restrictions than the last two years.  Safety and prevention was an important theme at both the Commerce event on (11/12) and at the Lancaster event on (11/19).  Vaccinations for COVID, flu, and monkey pox were available to attendees at both sites as well as free HIV testing.  

The Commerce event had multiple activities including multiple art groups, an employment workshop, cooking demonstration, and a workshop on human trafficking presented by our partners at Volunteers of America. The AV TAYSTOCK event had over 230 community members in attendance! Attendees were able to access free groceries, connect with local resources, participate in hands on creative expression workshops and create their own DIY stress ball with a therapist. In addition to delicious food, both events had a video game truck that allowed our clients to relax and enjoy some online gaming and a photo booth for our clients to get zany and remember the occasion.  Raffle prizes were given out and included tablets, speakers, power banks, cookware, and so much more!

Additionally, volunteers from Penny Lane North Hills/North Hollywood and AV Clinic also came to support the event and helped to make it an amazing experience for all of our attendees. We appreciate the support across departments and look forward to opportunities to continue to collaborate to better support transition age youth (TAY) within our communities.

Here are some quotes from some of the youth and community partners who attended:

“Penny Lane has been a great organization to collaborate with! They have helped connect many of our clients to their services. We look forward to continue this great relationship!” -Spiritt Families
“Thank you Penny Lane for continuing to harvest relationships with community members and service providers. ” -Community Partnership
“Penny Lane has been great helping with Altamed by connecting us with various clients from the community.” -Altamed
“If you stay true to Penny Lane, they will stay true to you.” -Penny Lane TAY Alumni
“Penny Lane has helped my family receive services, in little time the agency has made an impact on my family.” -Penny Lane Client
“My family and I enjoy and have benefited from events, activities, and services that Penny Lane has to offer.” -Penny Lane Client
“Penny Lane has been a good organization to me, I’m grateful for their work.” -Penny Lane Client

The event was great fun and we are all looking forward to continuing this tradition at next year’s TAYSTOCK!

See you in 2023!

-Maria Arroyo & Bryan Do, Penny Lane Centers

Check out more photos from TAYSTOCK '22 below!

Giving Tuesday 2022

Join the movement and give back!

At Penny Lane we want you to help us transform lives and our own communities and ask that you consider donating to Penny Lane Centers on Giving Tuesday through December 10th! There are many charities out there and many of them do excellent work but we would be honored if you considered Penny Lane. Your donation be it large or small will have an impact.

Thank you to our Community Sponsor Logix Federal Credit Union. Logix Community Stars donated $15,000 to Penny Lane Centers from Logix Federal Credit Union employees on Giving Tuesday. That donation includes $5,000 staff members raised for toys for Penny Lane kids. It’s with joy that these dollars are shared, as they are being used to help children and families; and during the holidays, times can be more challenging.


Join Logix in helping Penny Lane today!

-Cameron Glasgow, Penny Lane Centers

Flu Season is Here- Get Your Vaccination Shots

This is the time of year we need to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Since it’s flu season, there is no better time than now to get your free flu shot for yourself and your loved ones.  This past month we offered this to our employees, their family members as well as to our clients and the community.

The icing on the cake was that we are able to provide the latest Covid booster free to all employees, their family members and our clients as well, thanks to the wonderful folks at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.  Anyone 5 years and above was eligible for this new Covid booster.

If you missed your chance to get the booster at Penny Lane Centers, it's not too late to get it at your local pharmacy or local urgent care. Stay warm and healthy this Holiday season!

-Karri Ursua, Penny Lane Centers

Check out some more photos below!

Stat of the Month- 2022 EDGY Conference

Penny Lane is committed to creating a quality learning experience for attendees of our conferences and trainings.  Every year after the EDGY conference surveys are distributed to attendees to evaluate their experience at the conference.  We have been doing this since 2015 through our Outcomes and Innovations department.   Meeting with conference planning staff, agency senior management and other stakeholders there are a series of questions on the following topics in the evaluation.  The feedback from these evaluations are taken in to consideration when planning the next year’s conference so the input of attendees is very important to us.  

  • Based on your experience at past conferences and this year’s panel, are you likely to join us for next year’s EDGY conference?
  • Did you gain new insight into working with GLBTQ youth?
  • Will you apply new tools or understanding you gained from this panel in your work with GLBTQ youth?

Attendees are asked if they agree or disagree with these statements based on a scale of 0 to 5 (0 being the completely disagree and 5 being completely agree). Since the inception of these surveys we have averaged at least 4.5 or better.  The fact that these averages remain so high with the large number of people shows a continued successful engagement with the EDGY audience.   In addition to the questions above we allow space for feedback on such things as suggested topics for future conferences and how can we improve the conference.  Penny Lane is committed to not only putting on a quality conference but to us real data in our decision making about our conferences.

See you at EDGY in 2023!

-David Oganesyan, Penny Lane Centers