Community Spotlight: Michelle and Jerry Galaviz

August 2, 2023

Meet Michelle and Jerry Galaviz

Michelle and Jerry Galaviz, high school teachers in the Antelope Valley, were in the process of planning their wedding and were motivated by the idea of helping programs for youth. As they planned, the idea of wedding favors came to mind.  They noticed when you attend weddings people often do not take or forget to take the wedding favors. They both thought to use this money to “give back” to youth in their community as a donation. Penny Lane applauds this thinking outside the box! They asked the counselor at their school about organizations where they can give and connected with Penny Lane Centers and our story began.

Michelle and Jerry wanted to have a real connection with the organization and did some research on their own through our website. They both thought the website was cool and easy to use which prompted them to tour our facility and to learn more about the programs.  They liked the idea of connecting with teens through our TAY Center, which helps youths that are becoming adults and provides them with resources.  Jerry and Michelle mentioned that “It is cool that you have a community for young adults to feel safe and taken care of.  It is good to know that there are programs outside of high school to continue helping these youth as they transition. “

Michelle and Jerry, who are both athletes, have seen kids struggle and their goal is to be there to support these kids.  Donating and/or volunteering to organizations such as Penny Lane, which works with youth is a great way to support and give back.  They spoke about continuing their involvement with our organization and getting more people involved through volunteering, donations and spreading the word.  Thus, inspiring others to do community service at Penny Lane Centers.  As educators, they want to inspire youth to ask for help when they need it and utilize the resources that are given so they are able to succeed.

Thank you, Michelle and Jerry, for the fabulous idea about inspiring friends and family at your wedding to give back or just to learn about Penny Lane Centers.  We are grateful for your support and commitment to the youth and the community of the Antelope Valley, and for inspiring others to give and volunteer to help you.  Their donation will help us with food, transportation, and necessities for our youth.

We congratulate Michelle and Jerry on their wedding and wish them much happiness.   Just like Michelle and Jerry there are many ways that you can help our organization.

For more information about Penny Lane and how you can help transform lives please go to

-Nydia Barakat, Penny Lane Centers

"Big Sunday" Donation to Penny Lane Centers

This past July Penny Lane Centers received 88 Hydration kits containing water, snack mix, granola bars and handwritten cards made by volunteers of the Big Sunday organization.  These kits went to our youth in our TAY Centers in the Antelope Valley and Commerce.  These youth visit Penny Lane Centers to use the facilities such as showers, laundry, meal services and so much more. A donation like this one makes them feel that somebody thinks about them, sees them and cares.    

Big Sunday is an organization offering service projects for volunteers with participants of all ages where they collect food, books, school supplies and more.  They also participate in many beautification projects to give back to the communities.  At Big Sunday they feel there’s lots of work to be done  and they have fun doing it all together.  They see the world not as "haves-and-have-nots" but as "haves-and-have-mores." Everyone has some way that they can help somebody else. Everyone has some time that they need help. They connect people though helping.  

Penny Lane Centers is grateful for the partnership with Big Sunday!  Together we are transforming Lives.

Just like Big Sunday if you want to volunteer or donate please go to our website  We offer volunteer opportunities and ways to donate to help the many youth and families that we serve.

-Nydia Barakat & Maria Arroyo, Penny Lane Centers