August Client Success Stories

August 2, 2023

Meet Elizabeth- Our Intensive Services Client

When Elizabeth started Intensive Services she was a very timid individual wanting to gain self-confidence. Elizabeth had a difficult time socializing with others and advocating for her needs. She remained consistent every week meeting with her child and family specialist as well as her therapist to work on improving her social skills and building her self-esteem. Addressing her mental health needs became her priority. Elizabeth was always engaged during sessions and would always follow through with suggestions such as daily positive affirmations. By one year in Intensive Services Elizabeth enjoyed making new friends, got a job, and made self-care a priority.

With the support of Intensive Services and her own hard work, Elizabeth blossomed into a social butterfly. The Intensive Services team is very proud of her healing journey and how much independence she has gained. She was accepted into college and plans on achieving all her goals physically, mentally, and emotionally. With great pleasure the team graduated Elizabeth from Intensive Services and feels confident she will continue to excel in everything she sets her mind on.

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-Leslie Rojas-Tufino & Eloisa Martinez, Penny Lane Centers

C Hall's Thank You Note to Our AV-TAY Penny Lane Team

My first-time hearing about the AV Tay center was when I was going through a housing crisis in 2017; my social worker recommended a contact to me that could help me find a place to live. That’s when I discovered the TAY Center- Yellow Submarine and they helped me find a place to stay. The AV TAY Center helped me with a lot of things like providing me with bus passes, job resources, and financial assistance. The AV TAY Center helped me during my worst, so that I could become my best. I’ve really enjoyed my time here in TAY with the program they have from batting water balloons in a water event, to interesting and fun conversations with staff and other attendees. My experience with the helpful staff has been great, and I am grateful they provided me with assistance when needed.

C Hall recently aged out of our Antelope Valley TAY Drop in Center. He was sad to leave a place that brought him so much joy. From the relationships he made to the next steps in his life, the AV TAY Center will always be a safe place for them. Thank you C Hall for putting in the hard work and we are so excited for your next steps in life!

Congratulations and best of luck, we love you!!

-Ren Bocanegra, Penny Lane Centers

W Housing Client Bernard Graduates from NIU

This past month our Witherbee Transitional Housing Client, Bernard, graduated from NIU College. He will move on to become a paralegal with the hopes of having a career in Law. We are so proud of his accomplishments and wish him all the best with his future endeavors. Check out a little note he left us as he take his next steps.

I was put into foster care at 6 months old, so I have been in the system my whole life. It took a lot of effort and calming breathing to make it to this age. I'm glad I no longer have the stigma of foster child hanging over my head. I wanted to have an opportunity to set myself on the path to a bright future. I felt that pursuing a law career would help me in this and I started the class. After seven months of confusion and headaches, I passed my class and now am on my way to a brighter tomorrow. -Bernard
Irene Martinez, Penny Lane Centers