Abbey Road Projects- August 2023 Update

August 2, 2023

Imagine Village II

Imagine village II is 85% complete and working toward getting permanent power.  We hope to have that the first week of AUgust.  That will allow us to start moving into final testing for some of the building systems.  We are still on track for completion by mid to late September. The remainder of the building is moving along with concentration still focused on completing the units and common areas.  I am sure many of you have seen that we are installing our PV carports.  These will create energy that will offset the energy costs of the building.  

Our leaseup portal is open for folks to apply for our housing.  We will have 36 general affordable units and 42 special needs project based voucher supported units for homeless youth, homeless youth impacted by mental illness and chronically homeless individuals and families impacted by mental illness.  If you know anyone that might benefit from this housing, please ensure that they have been assessed and entered into the Coordinated Entry System so they have a chance to be matched to this building.

Check out some additional photos of Imagine Village II below!

Sun Commons

Sun Commons is expected to achieve its Temporary Certificate of Occupancy by the end of July.  We will begin signing leases and moving our tenants in immediately after that date.  We do have punchlist items to complete so workers will still be in and around the building for the next month or two making the last fixes to systems or the structure.  We are SO excited for all of the folks who will call Sun Commons home!!

Our official Grand Opening will be on October 2nd! Join us!

The Rigby and The Main

The Rigby needs an additional source from the CA Dept of Housing & Community Development before we can apply for our tax credits and bonds which serve as our largest funding sources.  We have just applied for this State funding and we hope to have everything awarded by mid 2024  and we would then close and begin construction 6-8 months after that.

The Main will apply for County housing loan funds as well as State funding.  We will also get moving on construction documents shortly.  We have just applied for this State funding and hope we will get awarded.  When we have those County and State sources in hand we will apply for tax credits and tax exempt bonds in early to mid 2024 and close and begin construction by the end of 2024 or early 2025.

New Projects: The Starr & The Downey Site

The Starr- Abbey Road entered escrow on a 52 unit TAY project in Pasadena.  We are about to begin our funding cycles with the City of Pasadena and the County.  Those will be followed by state sources and then tax credits.  The site is two blocks north of Pasadena City College and close to the gold line so it is a great location for TAY housing.

Downey Site- Abbey Road is excited to be working with the Episcopal church on an Exclusive Negotiating Agreement for a site in Downey.  The church will remain on the site and we plan to split their lot and build large family and TAY housing on roughly half of the current parcel.  Once we enter into the agreement we will begin the entitlement phase and begin designing the project.

We are excited by these new projects and we continue to look for our next new developments in walkable neighborhoods with close by amenities.

-Maura Johnson, Abbey Road