What Does the Overturning of Roe V Wade Mean to YOU?

July 7, 2022

Roe V Wade – The Overturn - Comments from Our Staff

The overturning of Roe v Wade has created varied emotions and opinions.  Women and men alike are questioning the rationale of such a decision.  Social media is filled with posts ranging from rage to disbelief.  With so many thoughts and feelings currently being processed we felt that it would be helpful to get the opinion of some of our very own staff.

Many thanks to Theresa Culver, Rosanna Buenrostro, Fanta Ritchie, and Cameron Glasgow for sharing your thoughts with us all.

Roe V Wade is another example of the division that is rampant in our country.  As a person with many years of lived experience, some of which was in the Southern U.S., so many concerns that I thought were resolved, are now back.  While this can be a sad moment (and truly is right now), we can use this as a “call to action” and work together to make Roe vs Wade and Racial Justice and other dividing issues a permanent and resounding part of our history that we have resolved with heart and love.  It is an example of “it is what it is……however, it becomes what you make it”.  Let us show our love and make this an issue of the past.
-Theresa Culver, Penny Lane Centers

This weekend my 13-year-old niece asked me if we are still protected in California, and I explained to her that yes – but only for now. Because I truly am scared that this is only the beginning. The same reasoning that was used to take away this protection is already being threatened against other protections.  Its 2022 and we have come so far – but I can’t help but feel people are still afraid to stand up for women’s rights.                                                            
-Rosanna Buenrostro, Penny Lane Centers

This means that as a woman I am less valued, less protected, and less respected. It means a full disregard for my freedom to make decisions about my body and my quality of life. It means that the government can force me to birth, raise, and protect a child but it won’t step in to protect that very child in school by enforcing stricter gun laws. I saw a meme that said, “guns have more rights than women” and I sadly cannot disagree with that! It means that women carry the burden for heinous crimes such as incest and rape.  
It pains me to know that our government also will not step up to protect those children born from environments that are any less than loving.  It hurts to know that the underlying issue is money, power, and control. It means that our clients will have to fight even harder as they may be forced to make a life decision that impacts the financial health of their family; their current children may have to suffer even more. This government decision may increase poverty which then increases the adults who will grow up with lack of education, increased trauma, increased physical health and mental health issues, and increased incarceration rates. This also means increased taxes which largely affects middle class families, and this is one example of how America makes money from the pain of its’ citizens. It feels like this society is not set up for us to all win, eat, succeed, and live long healthy lives, however the contrary continues to be strikingly true. It’s sink or swim here but to swim, you must first fight through the current. ☹                            
-Fanta Ritchie, Penny Lane Centers

I am mad and I will stay mad!  Why?  This is a very dark day for women in America, as their right to control their own body is being taken away. They deserve their moment to say, “You know what? This is affecting us more than other people in this country.” Today’s decision will hurt people of color, people who have lower incomes, and other disenfranchised communities. It’s going to be really hard for those who don’t have the resources to travel to get the health care they need, not to mention the burden it will put on the few states/places allowing abortions.  
I also look at this as a needed wake-up call for a lot of people in our nation who have been content and who deny the risk that we all face as far as our civil rights, our fundamental rights, and our human rights.  What’s next, Gay Marriage?
-Cameron Glasgow, Penny Lane Centers

These are just the opinions of a few and clearly you are entitled to your own.  What we know to be true is that we all have a right to have our voices heard.  It is the first step in taking action.  We encourage all of you to speak up, stand up for what you believe to be right.  At Penny Lane all voices are heard.