The Holidays at Penny Lane

January 6, 2024

Holiday Cheer at Penny Lane this Past Month

Our offices may have celebrated the holidays differently, but what is apparent is that the joy and festive feelings were evident in each location.  The efforts made by the staff for the other staff was very much appreciated by all.  Penny Lane Centers knows how to come together as a family and celebrate the things that are most important.  This is the same sentiment that we wish for our families and community.  From the elves to the ugly sweaters, cocoa and white elephants, the laughter and merriment of the season permeated our offices to bring the spirit of the holidays to all.  As we move into the new year, we hope that this feeling will continue and that our colleagues, co workers and clients will continue to come together to celebrate the little and the big things and the traditions that we hold dear. Check it out below!

Elf on The Shelf in Commerce

The Commerce Clinic has been enjoying a fun time with the Elf on The Shelf for the month of December! The elf’s name is Penny, and she visited a new office or cubicle every day with a different Winter / Holiday theme! Penny visited for the whole month of December counting down to Friday, December 22nd.

Mid way through the month Penny was joined by Ellerford and a couple days later two little baby elves named Sparkle and Twinkle joined in the Elf magic of the holiday season. The Commerce office held a potluck on Thursday, December 21st with great food, and a very fun gift exchange game!  With Christmas music playing in the background and a roaring fire projected on the projector screen, everyone had a very fun and festive time!

-Mike Morellino, Penny Lane Centers

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Ugly Sweater Holiday Cheer Party in North Hills

The North Hills staff had a GREAT time at our Ugly Sweater Holiday Cheer Party on December 19th!  Staff from all programs (Clinic, Intensive Services, SUD, Employment Services, FFA and Housing) mingled, listened to holiday music, and enjoyed making s’mores. Irene Martinez from Housing won the Ugly Sweater contest (although it was a tough choice given the other amazing contenders)!! Kassie Carney, Office Manager was the hostess with the mostest and provided all the shopping, decorating, and coordinating with our fabulous maintenance staff so we could have the BBQ to roast the marshmallows! The rain did not deter us from having a wonderful time…. NORTH HILLS staff shared the holiday spirit and were grateful for the fun!!   ❤

-Caryn May, Penny Lane Centers

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North Hollywood Potluck and White Elephant Party

The North Hollywood office gathered to celebrate the holiday season on Friday, December 8th with a potluck and White Elephant gift exchange.  The room was decorated with a festive flourish and holiday music could be heard throughout the room.  The potluck was delicious, and the desserts were sinful.  Shenanigans ensued as gifts were opened, stolen, and stolen again.  Blankets were a popular gift, but the hot ticket items included a blue tooth speaker and Leggo flowers!  It was a great time for everyone to gather, laugh and celebrate the season as a PLC family.

-Judy Grant, Penny Lane Centers

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Antelope Valley Cookie and Hot Cocoa Cart Tradition

The AV cookie and hot cocoa cart has been a tradition for years and years. Jen Lane and Cathy Houghton started it to bring holiday cheer to the staff in the AV. I think I can speak for the masses when I say that I was so excited to hear that it was making a comeback in 2023!!!! We have staff that have been looking forward to the cookie and hot cocoa cart all year. Jen Lane and Jen Gorman got together and walked through the entire facility with the most wonderful homemade cookies and treats, offering to everyone who would partake, and looking so festive and fun while they were at it! I remember as a new therapist what a pleasant surprise it was to have the Director and Asst. Director come around for a little chat and holiday joy.

So, with all of the new changes and new staff, this was the perfect time to have our cookie and hot cocoa cart help remind some and introduce to others how much fun and love we share around the AV office. We can only imagine the production that went into making this holiday tradition happen this year, so on behalf of all AV staff, thank you Jen and Jen for bringing your warmth and kindness to us this holiday season and all year long!

Happy New Year Everyone!

-Fanta Ritchie, Penny Lane Centers

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Another Successful PLC Holiday Party

December is a time for much celebration.  Regardless of what tradition you celebrate or religion you practice there is a plethora of joyous events that we can all participate in.  Penny Lane did just that on Thursday, December 16th.  High up on the hill in Burbank the PLC staff gathered at Castaway for dinner, dancing, games, and prizes.  The room was decked out in holiday cheer and the Penny Lane Christmas Tree ornaments were a much-appreciated gift to all attendees.  The team from Amplified got everyone on the dance floor, whether you were in the mood for salsa or a line dance.  The 360-photo booth was a hit as we gathered with our silliest poses and amazing prizes were given away to lucky raffle ticket holders.

As you entered the room you could feel the warmth and joy of being together.  There was a family vibe to the evening as coworkers mingled and laughed and enjoyed the season as the PLC family.  There is just something about getting dressed up and celebrating together.  The party was a huge success but that isn’t just because it was a party.  It was a time to celebrate the accomplishments of 2023, to feel the appreciation for all staff and to look forward to the new year.

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2024 PLC Holiday Party: Photos

-Judy Grant, Penny Lane Centers

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Community Comes Together for Holiday Cheer

The Adoption Promotion and Support Services (APSS) Team have been out in the community the past couple of months making connections and spreading the word about our program. Our Mentor Coordinator Dania Doose connected with a manager at BJ’s Restaurant in Palmdale and kept that connection going through the holiday season.

On December 19th a group of four BJ’s staff volunteered their time to come to Imagine Village and assist the FFA social workers and APSS case managers in wrapping gifts for their foster/adoptive kiddos. The BJ’s team spent over two hours with us! The team went above and beyond.  BJ’s manager; Joseph brought lunch from Bj’s for all of the PLC staff in the office. We are so grateful for their support and uplifting spirit. Their assistance was valuable to all of us here and the families that we serve. Thank you, BJ’s!

-Ali Fryer, Penny Lane Centers

Penny Lane Participates in LAPD's Miracle in Mission Toy Drives

This past month Penny Lane Centers Community Liaison Safety Officer, Erik Ingebrigtsen, participated in both of LAPD's toy drives in the San Fernando Valley. Erik has a great relationship with the LAPD and always brings amazing toys and gifts from these drives for the children, youth and families that Penny Lane Centers works with. It takes a lot of time to build these relationships but Erik is always present to make sure Penny Lane and the communities we serve are taken care of and protected by the LAPD.

Erik is thankful for our community officers and their commitment to our programs and couldn't wait to give out these gifts to our families in need. Thank you Erik!

-Erik Ingebrigtsen, Penny Lane Centers

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