The AV-TAY Center Celebrates New Years and the Holidays

January 8, 2024

The TAY Tamales, Champurrado and Sweets Tradition Continues

Every year we recognized not everyone has a home or family to spend the holidays with which is why the AV TAY center prioritizes hosting holiday events that are family oriented, fun, and an overall memorable experience! TAY staff hosted an event where they took the time to decorate and incorporate a holiday themed photo booth and ornament making to create a festive feel.  

Our annual holiday event serves delicious homemade tamales, champurrado, and sweets, as well as many giveaways that include wrapped gifts, fun games, hygiene items, warm clothing, blankets and much more! We are extremely grateful to our donors who donated dozens of these bags full of goodies that our clients enjoyed and took home. Our TAY clients excitingly participated in Pictionary, musical chairs, word search, and other activities that brought many moments of laughter and some won prizes.  

These are the moments we are extremely grateful for and look forward to doing every year as we meet new faces, socialize, and create a welcoming, festive environment.

-Maritza Solis, Penny Lane Centers

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Celebrating New Years at the AV TAY Drop-in Center

As we celebrate the New Year with new energy, enthusiasm, and great joy with friends and family, the AV TAY center was inspired to host a New Years Eve Party for our TAY clients. Our TAY staff worked together to decorate the tables with popping colors of black, silver, and gold. The New Years Eve event started off with a delicious cooking class, followed by a speedy round of hot potato, and a raffle to win a grand prize! Our youth and staff gathered to share new year goals and resolutions, reflect on 2023, and discuss the heartfelt lessons learned that will trickle into 2024.

After a sincere moment highlighting the growth, achievements, changes, gains, and loses from our TAY youth and staff, we all saluted with a toast. The TAY toast was a memorable one as we welcomed the gratitude and joy of one another. We ended the night with a vision board station and an immersive game of Dungeons and Dragons.

New Years at the TAY center reminds us that when diverse individuals come together with different stories to celebrate together for the night…magic must exist.

Happy New Year!!

-Alondra Conde, Penny Lane Centers

Check out some more photos below!