TAY Prom 2023

June 1, 2023

A Night Under the Stars: TAY Prom 2023

On Saturday May 27th the Penny Lane TAY Drop-in Center in Commerce held its first ever Prom event! This idea came from our intern Alana and several of the clients. Due to COVID the last couple of years many youth were unable to attend their schools’ prom.  While not a replacement for their school prom this event was very special to them as it was fully their own.  The event also generated several new  clients from the local high schools thanks to our collaborative partnerships with school officials. Most of the attendees wanted to attend our Prom event because they feel safe and accepted at Penny Lane.

Our youth got to dance, socialize, enjoy good food and music, limbo, and play a competitive game of musical chairs. A beautiful backdrop was set up so everyone could pose for pictures to help them remember this night under the stars. Each TAY client got to take numerous photos and received 8x10 prints as well as the digital ones.  

The event was hosted by TAY and Intensive Services staff. We also received support from our community partners at Youth Moving On. Penny Lane Staff from other departments were generous enough to donate desserts and lend their lighting to ensure the Prom portraits were just perfect.

They event was simply amazing, and fun was had by youth and staff alike. We wish you were all there!

-Bryan Do, Penny Lane Centers

Check out some more photos below!