Remembering Jeff Schmidt

July 7, 2022

Jeff Schmidt

It is with a heavy heart that we let you know that we lost one of our own on 5/24/22. Jeff Schmidt, a Clinical Supervisor in our Lancaster/Antelope Valley office passed away.  Jeff was known as a caring and loving soul. Everyone he met knew his gentle smile and his loving nature. Jennifer Lane, AV Regional Director, who started at Penny Lane with Jeff over 15 years ago, remembers him as fiercely loyal to Penny Lane.   Below she shares with us a few words about our dear coworker, friend and “family” member.

Our beloved Jeff...

So many have shared memories of their interactions with Jeff over the years, and every one of them include his warmth, engaging, grounded, and thoughtful presence. His timing when working together was always on point. Jeff’s brilliance was evident as he thoughtfully took things in around him and in his ideas for making things easier and better. He lived life on mission and demonstrated his love for Penny Lane and his work family often.

Jeff’s core gift was (is) helping others to live and have FUN. He accomplished this by helping others to let go of stress and enjoy being with their FAMILY; being with people they love and care about. He helped others realize that being with PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT is more IMPORTANT than the objects you own.

He shared his gift every day and it made a significant difference in all of our lives and in our community.

Jeff’s heart was always open.

He wanted every person he met to succeed. He genuinely exuded this quality in every interaction. He was so proud to have two TBS team members (Emily and Emma) become therapists and two more starting their internships in the clinic. He was the best collaborator and always had a way of bringing everyone back to focus.

Jeff was as real as they get and one of a kind.

He always had a smile to share and you could see the light beaming inside of him. He LOVED our retreats and staff events in the AV. He reminisced about them frequently and couldn’t wait until it was safe to plan another one. A few weeks before he passed, he was on a mission to plan a picnic for our department. He was like a dog with a bone and brought it up over and over until we got it approved. I’m so glad we all got to see him in action cooking hotdogs, playing trivia, and helping us to remember what it feels like to have fun together.

Jeff was a natural leader and healer.

Our PLC family will not be the same without him. We will continue to grieve together, laugh, cry, and hold him close. His gift will live on in the love and light we give to each other and our clients, and by continuing to have FUN and remember what matters most to us.

The AV Clinic also wants to thank everyone for wrapping us in prayers, hugs, and love during this very challenging time. It has meant the world to us.

We will forever remember and love you Jeff.
-Jennifer Lane, Penny Lane Centers