Penny Lane's 1st Annual Employee & Family Picnic

July 1, 2023

Penny Lane's 1st Annual Employee & Family Picnic

Our first PLC Employee Picnic had over 300 staff in attendance.  What a fantastic opportunity to disconnect from the office and spend some quality time with our PLC family!  We all came together with our families to socialize and strengthen our PLC relationships, while having some good old fashioned summer fun!  It was also another occasion where leadership expressed gratitude for all of you for your hard work.  

The beautiful faces of our children, partners and spouses truly made it a family event. Laughter and giggles were heard all over the park.  The park setting was lush and inviting with plenty of shady trees, picnic tables, play areas, fresh air and many staff brought their pets which just added to the ambiance.  Shout out to Max; our DJ/MC. who kept us all hyped and engaged with music, dancing, and games. Phil traded his keyboard for a grill as he and his crew fed us with plenty of BBQ and fixins.  The children had so much fun in the bouncy house (truly a hit), hula hooping, doing some arts and crafts as well as getting their faces painted.  We couldn’t have asked for a better day.  A day of laughter, comradery, and togetherness.  

A special thank you to the Event Committee Members for putting together a fun event for all.  By the end of the event some of you were already planning for next year.  The picnic may have ended but it lives on in our memories.  There were a lot of  good times spent together, making of new friends, strengthening existing relationships and of course lots of beautiful pictures.  A successful event for sure!! We hope if you were unable to come this year you make it out next year as you don’t want to be left out!  We hope that the joy of the day will help you to continue building relationships and connecting with one another.  Thank you all for all you do.

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-Nydia Barakat, Penny Lane Centers

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