Penny Lane Participates in the RaiseAChild Holiday Tree Grove

January 6, 2024

RaiseAChild (RAC) Holiday Tree Grove at the Westfield Century City Mall

Penny Lane Centers adopted and creatively decorated a live tree at the RaiseAChild (RAC) Holiday Tree Grove at Westfield Century City. PLC, in partnership with RAC, as well as other nonprofit organizations and businesses, accomplished the goal of raising awareness of the needs of Los Angeles County’s children and youth in foster care by attracting visitors to look at a lineup of 25 beautifully decorated pine trees. The Westfield Century City estimated about 2 million visitors during the Tree Grove Holiday event.

Many children and families walked by, took pictures, and learned about helping and supporting children in foster care. The RAC Holiday Tree Grove ended very successfully, and the trees were safely delivered to the LA Conservation Corps. The Tree Grove will continue to benefit all children and families of Los Angeles County as the Corps planted the trees in different parks to grow, provide shade, and clean the air for decades to come and bring environmental benefits to all children and families across LA County.

Thank you to the RAC Holiday Tree Grove team and Penny Lane’s team that decorated the PLC tree at the Westfield Century City Mall: Nydia Barakat, Cameron Glasgow, Judy Grant, Julie Chirino, Judith Sandino, and their friends/family that accompanied them.

Note: There are many children in need of a loving and nurturing family. Approximately 30,000 children are currently in foster care in Los Angeles County on any given day. If you want to know more about supporting children in foster care visit us at

Happy New Year!

-Judith Sandino, Penny Lane Centers

(Check out some photos of the event below)