Past Events in February 2023

February 28, 2023

Commerce-TAY Valentines Day Self-Love Event

On Valentine's Day the Commerce TAY Drop in Center hosted its annual Valentine’s Day/Self Love Day event for its clients.  In collaboration with the Tailored Services for LGBTQ Youth program, we were able to put together an amazing event where each participant got a self-care bag filled with chocolates, skin moisturizer, collagen essence peel off masks, herbal tea packets, and portable hand sanitizers.  In addition, they got to participate in Loteria and win prizes. The Penny Lane team made sure the room was superbly decorated and suited the occasion.  The event each year helps transition age youth to appreciate the power of love both for others and for oneself.  

The TAY clients also participated in an interactive activity where they were asked to list things that made them happy, things they do for self-care, and their favorite romance film.  They were able to give wonderful and thoughtful responses and were also able to interact and encourage each other to try more self-care routines.  Watching the youth interact and share ideas was a fantastic experience and served reminds us to take time to think about what makes us happy and to take of ourselves.  The event concluded with the staff and youth enjoying a delicious rotisserie chicken dinner and indulging in chocolate dipped strawberries, rice krispy treats, and marshmallows as well as some mouthwatering cupcakes and healthy strawberry smoothies.  Thank you to all Penny Lane team members that contributed to the event!

-Bryan Do, Penny Lane Centers

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Client Satisfaction Survey

Client Satisfaction data collection occurs across all Penny Lane programs at least once a year. The purpose of the satisfaction surveys is to provide our clients and families the opportunity to give their feedback on their satisfaction with the services they receive at Penny Lane. The Innovations and Outcomes Department generates a report that summarizes the results of the satisfaction survey and facilitates opportunities for continuous improvement within our programs.  

The Client Satisfaction Survey questions focuses on the following Domains: General Satisfaction, Perception of Access, Perception of Cultural Sensitivity, Perception of Participation in Treatment/Services Planning, Perception of Outcomes of Services and Perception of Community & Collaboration. The following infographic highlights our clients and families’ satisfaction rates among our various programs and departments which depicts an average of 4.5 from a 5-point rating scale.

-David Oganesyan & Julie Chirino, Penny Lane Centers

Encino-Sherman Oaks Optimist Club Donation

The children of Penny Lane Centers received inspirational cards and treats made by the Optimist Club (Encino-Sherman Oaks Chapter).   Optimists bring out the best in youth, our communities and ourselves fulfilling their mission to provide hope and positive vision.   Ms. Patty Sanders, President of the Encino-Sherman Oaks chapter , delivered the beautiful cards and treats for the children getting services at our North Hills facility.  These gifts are very meaningful to the children that we serve as it helps reinforce that someone cares.  The cards were inspirational and create a sense of community and a feeling of hope.

-Caryn May & Nydia Barakat, Penny Lane Centers

Department of Public Social Services Donation Drive

Through the efforts of the Department of Public Social Services (DPSS) Volunteers December Drive,  Penny Lane Centers received a donation of 43 blankets and 88 beanies for our youth.  This donation helps was gratefully received by our young people as we continue with a cold winter.  It also highlights the essence of community and lets our youth know people care for them.  DPSS serves an ethnically and culturally diverse community through programs designed to alleviate hardship and promote health, personal responsibility, and economic independence.  Penny Lane Centers and the youth we serve are grateful for their support, their donations, and our partnership.

Our hearts are full and our families are warm! If you are interested in doing your own donation drive, reach out to Nydia Barakat at:

-Nydia Barakat, Penny Lane Centers