Our April Community Stars: Logix Federal Credit Union

April 6, 2022

Logix Community Stars in Action

When Logix Federal Credit Union employees toured Penny Lane Centers in 2007, it took just moments for them to see the supportive community of staff and clients.  They were impressed by the network of resources in Penny Lane’s transitional housing and mental health programs.   Moreover, the foster care staff talked about the Penny Lane family that spanned Los Angeles County. All of this served as a testament to the full array of services offered, the dedication of staff and caregivers as well as the much-needed services provided to youth and families.

“We were impressed with Penny Lane’s history and vision,” Community Relations Manager Alethia Calagias said. “Logix, then Lockheed, staff was launching its new nonprofit at the time, Community Stars Foundation – initiated by staff and supported by the credit union. The foundation’s board of directors had several local charities under consideration. Seeing Penny Lane’s work, the staff members behind the action and their enthusiasm – that’s what confirmed our desire to make a difference with them.”

Since that time, Logix Community Stars has donated more than $400,000 to Penny Lane, and hosted more than a dozen toy drives. In 2021, Logix employees set a record for contributions.

“The last couple of years have presented challenges for everyone,” President and CEO Ana Fonseca said. “However, our staff rallied to make sure that every child received a gift during the holidays. We consider Penny Lane part of the Logix family. It is a privilege to participate in their mission. One of our staff members adopted her three children from Penny Lane. Her story is just one of many that demonstrate how important it is to give back.” Love leads the way at Penny Lane. And, it’s the diversity and inclusion that Penny Lane is dedicated to that makes it a place that so many call home.

“We love Logix,” Fund Development Director Nydia Barakat said. “They have given their time, as well as their dollars. We enjoy having Logix staff volunteer. So many of them have helped us with preparing for our holiday parties, and a few years ago, they filled backpacks for us to get a running start to the school year. Their gifts and time are impactful. We are a stronger organization because of donors who invest in us, like Logix.”

Later this year, Logix Community Stars will hit a new milestone - $2M. It is a privilege for the credit union’s employees to celebrate this achievement with Penny Lane, as both organizations continue to grow and make a difference.

-Nydia Barakat, Penny Lane Centers