Open Positions at Penny Lane - February 2024

February 6, 2024

Interested in joining the Penny Lane team? Check out all the open positions we have for this month. You can always click on the "careers" tab on our main homepage to directly apply to any positions!


  •   Bilingual Outpatient Therapist
  •   Intensive Services Outpatient Therapist Adult FSP
  •   Bilingual Intensive Services Outpatient Therapist
  •   Temporary Bilingual Child and Family Specialist
  •   Intensive Services Intake Coordinator/QA Specialist
  •   Lead Care Manager
  •   Bilingual LGBTQ+ Intake Coordinator/QA Specialist


  •   Outpatient Therapist
  •   Temporary Bilingual TBS Specialist
  •   Outpatient Therapist/MAT Assessor
  •   Intensive Services Temporary Outpatient Therapist
  •   Intensive Services Temporary Facilitator
  •   Intensive Services Outpatient Therapist Adult HSSP
  •   Temporary Bilingual Outpatient Therapist APSS
  •   P&A Case Manager 1 (Navigator)


North Hills

  •   TBS Specialist
  •   Intensive Services Outpatient Therapist – Adult HSSP
  •   Intensive Services Outpatient Therapist
  •   Part-time Intensive Services HSSP
  •   Community Worker HSSP
  •   Intermittent Housing Case Manager
  •   Housing Case Manager THP (Sun-Thu 4pm-12:30am)
  •   Maintenance Technician
  •   Bilingual Outreach & Engagement Specialist
  •   Lead Care Manager
  •   Mobile Crisis Response Therapist (Day shift 9am-9pm)
  •   Mobile Crisis Response Community Worker (Day shift 9am-9pm)
  •   Bilingual Resource Family Partner

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