Jessie Lopez's Transitional Housing Success Story

October 3, 2022

Meet Jessie Lopez- Our Transitional Housing Client

Jessie Lopez has been enrolled in Penny Lane’s Transitional Housing Program since February of 2020.  From the start Jessie has voiced his needs and goals (Mental Health Services, Employment, obtain legal documents).  Jessie was quickly linked to mental health services through San Fernando Valley Mental Health (SFVMH) to attend to his mental health needs. Jessie experienced barriers due to attending sessions via telehealth due to the COVID Pandemic and to facilitate a better experience therapeutically he was linked to Mental Health Services through Penny Lane Centers (PL) outpatient clinic in August of 2020. Jessie was also linked to El Proyecto to get assistance finding a job.

Jessie successfully completed two separate internship programs through El Proyecto and Goodwill to provide him with work experience with the hope he would obtain a more permanent position. Jessie paused his job search to focus on improving his mental health and voiced wanting to be linked to psychiatric services for medication support as he acknowledged he was battling Depression and low self-esteem. Jessie was successful at attending weekly sessions through Penny Lane’s outpatient program and worked through his depression and low self-esteem utilizing therapy and psychiatric services. Jessie acknowledged when he felt ready to stop taking his medication and took the initiative to speak to his psychiatrist and successfully ended psychiatric services. Jessie opened up to his assigned case manager and expressed wanting to increase his positive social interactions and explored extracurricular activities and/or social outings in the community.  Jessie reached out to staff when he was ready to explore a HVAC program through NIU college and shared a goal of being certified so he can gain employment and long-term career. He was seen attending his HVAC program consistently until he successfully completed the classes and coursework.  Jessie reached out to staff to support his schedule to take the exam which he has now completed and is awaiting his exam results.  If Jessie is successfully certified, he will have the support of the program to secure employment.  Jessie has been able to also work on obtaining legal documents such as his birth certificate and CA ID which has supported him when enrolling in the internship programs and NIU to complete HVAC program. Jessie is hopeful about his future and is looking forward to taking the next steps at being independent, self-sufficient, and ultimately transitioning out of the program.

Thank you Penny Lane for everything you have done for me. Without the support of the staff and clinicians, I wouldn't be where I am today.
-Jessie Lopez, Penny Lane Transitional Housing Client