Interested in Presenting a Workshop at the 2024 EDGY Conference?

February 6, 2024

Now Accepting Workshop Proposals Until March 1st!

Are you interested in submitting a workshop proposal for Penny Lane Center's 14th Annual EDGY Conference? We are now accepting workshop proposals until March 1st, 2024. We want you to share your expertise on working with LGBTQ+ youth and families with over 500 attendees! Click the links below to learn more about EDGY 2024 and to submit your proposal!

2024 Theme: We Say Gay- How to be an Ally in Today's World

The world we live in continues to be a challenge for LGBTQ+ individuals.  The divisiveness of the current political climate especially during an election cycle causes a lot of anxiety and frankly fear in LGBTQ+ populations as some espouse “don’t say gay” bills and try to ban drag and deny gender affirming care to transgender youth.   All of this makes allyship much more important since no one or no group can make change by themselves.  Now instead of fighting for rights it is a battle to maintain the hard-won rights that have been attained over the past decades.  How do you fit in to this picture?  How can you help or show your support?  Why is this important for each of us regardless of how we may identify?  Being part of the EDGY conference as an attendee, presenter, sponsor, or volunteer is a good start.

The issues of LGBTQ+ individuals and their allies seem to be constant fodder for new stories but unfortunately not in positive ways.   In a world where we all seek a safe space to be who we choose to be and love who we love how do we find a way to not be afraid?  Rhetoric and reality often don’t align in many parts of the country we live in and we all see that creeping closer to us daily.  We must join and push back as we have truth and common human decency on our side. We want to be your ally and through our workshops and presentations empower you to help move forward.  Attending EDGY will give you knowledge and resources to be part of the solution.

We want you to empower this change as Penny Lane presents EDGY 2024 to over 400+ attendees eager to learn more and do more. EDGY prides itself on providing “take aways,” resources and tools for us all to use to help LGBTQ+ youth.  These are our kids.  EDGY looks to extend the community and support we all need to transform lives.

EDGY Conference website: edgyconference

Submit Your Workshop Proposal: EDGY2024

For any questions, if you want to join our resource fair, become a sponsor, or anything else, please reach out to Cameron Glasgow-

-Cameron Glasgow, EDGY Conference Chairperson