Community Spotlight: Ares Management

September 3, 2022

Ares Management

A company that shares some of their resources to help communities in need makes the world a better place.  Ares Management is a company with generous and empathetic  staff.  They were introduced to Penny Lane Centers through a staff member who had a connection to our organization.  

The Ares employees were so moved by the mission of Penny Lane, that they quickly became very involved by  volunteering at our events.  But it didn’t stop there! Ares supported an annual summer carnival for Penny Lane kids and families.  With over 350 clients in attendance this event blossomed into a wonderful production with DJ booths, dance competitions, prizes and more. Their volunteers love the opportunity to work directly with Penny Lane kids and brighten their day with a summer carnival.

Philanthropy at Ares is comprised of three pillars, the Ares Charitable Foundation, Ares in Motion (“AIM”), and Corporate Contributions. AIM is their employee engagement and volunteerism program that mobilizes team members to give and get involved to help strengthen communities globally. AIM allows them to demonstrate Ares’ core values in action through an array of opportunities that also help employees establish meaningful relationships with their colleagues and the community.

Lee Fabiaschi says "Penny Lane is truly one of the organizations that can spin wool into gold. They offer wrap-around support services to so many community populations, we feel very fortunate to support their work with foster children and families."

Ares employees have passion for different causes in their communities.  Their volunteers appreciate the opportunity to get away from their desks and dive into hands-on service activities that are different from their day jobs. They are always looking for ways to evolve their program through skills-based opportunities like mentorship, mock interviews, resume reviews, and pro bono projects. We are grateful to have a partnership with such a wonderful organization and amazing people that have a passion to serve.

Thank you Ares Management! Without your support we could not be able to help so many children, youth and families!

Check out some photos from our Picnic that Ares hosted for our families a few months ago below!

-Nydia Barakat, Penny Lane Centers