Community Celebrations, Picnics, Birthdays and Fish Tacos!!

September 2, 2022

Connection, Conversation and Coffee

After over two years of managing the pandemic and having interactions with masks on (or via virtual platforms), team members of the NH Clinic finally were able to create an opportunity to meet face-to-face! On August 5th, the North Hills Clinic had a fun filled morning of Connection, Conversation and Coffee at Lake Balboa Park. Staff from reception, therapists, case managers, TBS, clinical records, quality assurance, supervisors and Kristin enjoyed some quality time outside of the office. Our North Hills Clinic thrives because of our incredible staff, and we look forward to planning our next event coming soon!

Here are a few comments from the Clinical Supervisors:
Amanda~ The morning of the event, I felt such anticipation. I was nervous like the first day of school. It was crazy to think that I was seeing people in person that I typically saw every day prior to COVID, and often virtually over the last 2 years. Getting to connect with old friends and new team members to our team brought me so much joy. I can’t wait for the next one.
Parichat~ Smiles and laughter are the best when experienced in person! The event was almost a reunion and an introduction to being present in the moment together. This also provided an opportunity for those who did the planning to work together to make this happen.
Danielle~ What a fun event our North Hills Clinic CCC Committee put on at Lake Balboa. I enjoyed connecting, laughing, and just being 100% present with my coworkers. I am looking forward to the next event.  
Michelle~ Jessica really liked it, said it was fun and a nice experience. She was grateful to be invited. Gaby loved it and had a really good time. She said it was nice to see all the known and new faces in person. She left feeling refreshed. Kassie had work and her to-do list on her mind as she was heading there, but once she arrived and saw the swans and ducks, she was instantly relaxed and enjoyed the scenery and conversation with everyone. She said she loved it and that Balboa Park was a great place. I enjoyed getting to see everyone outside of the office and even better that it was a beautiful location in nature. Very rejuvenating. And the ice-breaker exercises were great for getting to know each other.
Diane~ It was wonderful to finally see everyone’s smiling faces in person!  It was a beautiful morning, made even more special by the amazing energy we all shared! 😊
Lucy~ It was great getting together and seeing my colleagues and other staff in person. I appreciate the opportunity to meet in person and continue to make connections with people that I work so closely with. My staff enjoyed the snacks and the activities.

Check out some more pictures of the Triple C Event below!

Thank you everyone who came Friday August 5th to our Triple C North Hills Clinic outing! We rocked Lake Balboa with warm connections, activities, and of course the infamous gong! As Caryn May, Regional Director, shared today, Penny Lane Centers’  North Hills Clinic thrives because of “each of YOU!” The party planning committee hopes to see you at our next outing!

-Caryn May & Parichat Stout, Penny Lane Centers

Commerce Community Celebration Event

This past month we hosted our second Community Celebration Event at our Commerce Family Center. It was so great to see some of our community partners, donors, board members, and staff IN PERSON!! We were treated to delicious food, drinks, and live music! We even shook off those dancing shoes and let ourselves enjoy the wonderful summer sunshine. Check out the video below of the celebration!

North Hills Community Celebration Event

If you are interested in attending our next Community Celebration event at our North Hills Family Center this coming September 15th, just RSVP to the link below. Remember, this event is free to attend, and we encourage you to come to eat, drink and be merry!

When: September 15th, 2022

Where: North Hills Family Center

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm


TAY Fish Tacos & Birthday Celebration Event

On Saturday, (8/27), the Penny Lane TAY Drop-in Center in Commerce had its Fish Tacos and Birthdays event.  It was great having so many transition aged youth attending and getting a home-cooked meal while also receiving case management, employment, and mental health services.  New clients got to mingle and socialize with TAY staff and make new friends with other youth in attendance.  Penny Lane’s agency collaboration was in full swing as clients of Commerce’s Full-Service Partnerships were also in attendance as they were referred by their therapists and community workers.  Today’s event was an excellent showcase of the TAY Drop in Centers’ commitment to having on-site services for the last two years despite the pandemic.  The staff at the Lancaster and Commerce TAY Drop-in Centers have been working creatively to roll out services electronically and in-person, but it is truly these type of on-site activities that bring everyone together.

Check out some of the photos from the event below!

-Bryan Do, Penny Lane Centers