Board Member Spotlight: Janine Blain-Newman

February 4, 2022

"Helping Others Makes a Better World"

This is the motto for Janine Blain-Newman a Board Member at Penny Lane Centers. 

Janine is a proud wife (Mark Newman) and mother of two beautiful girls (Isabella and Colette) adopted through Penny Lane Centers six years ago.  She is a also a creative designer for women’s clothing. Janine feels that if a woman feels beautiful and good this confidence will help her to go out into the world and achieve her goals.  This is one of the reasons that Janine donates clothing from her clothing line to Penny Lane Centers to inspire our young girls to have confidence, feel pretty and motivated. 

Family is everything for Janine.  Janine’s journey to foster adopt took several years. Per her own words “It was along emotional journey and certainly not easy.  There were some days where we didn’t believe it would ever happen”.  But once Janine and her husband; Mark, met their  girls, they knew the journey was worth it and they never looked back.  “We know we are very blessed to have these wonderful girls in our lives”.  By fostering/adopting you are giving a child a gift of a family and at the same time this child is giving you a lot more in return(love, purpose, happiness, and more)

Janine learned at a young age through her parents the importance of giving back and belonging to organizations with a cause. She adds that “Each one of us can do something to help” This is one of the reason that as a Board Member for Penny Lane, she gives not only to the foster care program but to the other different programs by donating her designer clothes to our youth and families.  She also donates her time and resources as she hosts shopping days to sell some of her clothing at Penny Lane Centers or put together a Fashion Show as a fundraising.

She says "If we all do what we can to help any individual; we will make the world a better place."

-Janine Blain-Newman, Penny Lane Board Member