Board Member Spotlight: Anthony Lee

May 4, 2022

Meet Penny Lane Board Member Anthony Lee

Anthony Lee has been a Board Member for Penny Lane Centers for the past 5 years. Prior to being a Board Member, Anthony, together with his fraternity brothers dedicated time to mentoring, providing fun and educational outings for our young men in the residential program. Anthony believes in Kobe Bryant's mamba mentality: pursuing your goals with relentless passion. And passion he has! An example of how relentless in pursuing his passion is that while his wife was pregnant with their first child, he quit a very stable job to pursue another job that was commission based but would make him happy, and with the new job makes it possible to help people. He had to pass a test to be able to work in this profession - unfortunately, he didn’t pass the test the first time, but this didn’t stop him.  He studied a couple of months, retook, and passed the test.  This is just one of the examples of Anthony's relentless passion to achieve his goal of  helping others reach their financial goals.

Anthony is a Senior Vice President of investments at Wedbush Securities Inc.

"I love helping people - there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping my clients achieve their financials goals. It doesn’t feel like a job."

His passion from helping others came from his parents and grandparents. They taught him the value of education and a sense of caring for others. He grew up watching his mother work with the youth at Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church. His church taught the importance of helping other people in the community. His parents and his church shaped his life. Another important individual in his life was Dennis Hogerty; his mentor and like a second father to him. Dennis told Anthony , “If you take care of your clients they will take care of you.” This is why many of Anthony's clients have referred their family members and their friends to him.

Anthony likes to travel and has an appreciation for people and cultures. Three things that we didn’t know about Anthony are that he is an only child.  He said that he didn’t feel that  he missed out on anything because during his childhood he spent a lot of time with his friends playing outside and creating friendships. Another fun fact about Anthony is that after graduation from Colorado State University he played semi-professional basketball in Sweden. He also loves cycling and has participated in several century road bike rides.  

At Penny Lane, he holds the position of Vice President of the Board. One of his goals as Vice President is to make sure that our staff and the board of directors work together to achieve the goals of the organization and to serve our clients so they can reach their highest potential.  He has focused on creating an environment where board members have more opportunities to engage Penny Lane Staff to ensure they feel appreciated and valued for the work that they do.  He also appreciates the opportunity to really make a difference in some of the young men’s life and the families at Penny Lane.

Anthony is grateful for his parents celebrating 60 years of marriage and the positive impact that has made on his life. He's grateful for 28 years of marriage to his wife, Bridgett, and her support of his work in the community. Last, but definitely not least, he's grateful that his sons, Brandyn and Austyn, are thriving at work and school.  

He believes that if you pursue your goals with relentless passion and never give up, you'll create your own luck. Anthony believes in a quote attributed to Roman philosopher Seneca...

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."

Penny Lane is so thankful to have Anthony's leadership on our Board of Directors and appreciate all he has done for the communities we serve!

-Nydia Barakat, Penny Lane Centers