An Awesome April

May 4, 2022


Our Transition Age Youth (TAY) Drop in Centers hosted an “Eggstravaganza” in celebration of the Easter holiday. As a place of community, we seek opportunities to embrace all aspects of identity including cultural and spiritual affiliations. Our transition age youth gathered at both the Antelope Valley and City of Commerce TAY Drop in Centers where each location hosted an Easter event. Each event included music, art, pastel easter eggs stuffed with candy, laughter, and awareness. We hosted the obligatory easter egg hunt where TAY participants and their children had the opportunity to search for candy filled easter eggs.  This holiday means something different to each person and TAY participants were able to enjoy a warm meal as they expressed what the holiday meant to them. TAY participants also engaged in creative workshops where they were able to use art as an additional means of expression.

The TAY Drop in Centers strive to embrace and empower transition age youth. We are humbled that our participants choose to spend holidays with us and appreciate the insights they share that help us continue to learn about and from one another.

-Maria Arroyo, Penny Lane Centers

Housing Services Celebrates Spring

The Housing Services Department at Cedar Ridge Apartment Community ushered in Spring with renewal, awakening, and lots of treats.  We also had a lot of fun coloring eggs bringing sunny happy vibes through pastel colors.  Spring brings happiness and joy and Penny Lane wants our communities to know and feel they truly appreciated.

Partnerships for Families (PFF) & Prevention & Aftercare (P&A)- April Outreach Events

On April 30th, Penny Lane Centers collaborated with Spiritt Families and DCFS to celebrate “Dia Del Niño” also knows as “Children’s Day”. Over 65 families attended and were able to receive resources from different agencies including Penny Lane Centers. They also received a board game and a goodie bag that had prizes for families to enjoy throughout the event. Wrist bands were provided for families to enjoy a Habit burger and fries.  They even received raffle tickets to have a chance to win a prize.

There were inflatable games and music that was played by DJ Max who kept families engaged with dances, games, and prizes. Overall, the event was a success, and it could have not been possible without everyone’s work and effort. Special thanks to all the PLC staff that was involved, Spiritt Families, DCFS, and all the other agencies who took part in this collaboration...check out the pictures of the event below!

-Stephanie Arciniega, Penny Lane Centers

In conjunction with Commerce's "Dia del Nino" event, our Antelope Valley Partnerships for Families (PFF) and Prevention and Aftercare (P&A) teams joined SALVA’s event, "Children’s Day". The event was a success! Children were having a great time and parents were able to access many resources available to our AV community. PFF and P&A had a resource table available for the parents and an activity table for the children. The activity provided children with the opportunity to express their creativity while utilizing their fine motor skills. We were able to serve a total of 94 families, 114 adults, and 157 children. The adults received information pertaining to both programs as well as a goodie bag with our flyers and some items such as notepads, pens, and sunglasses. The children also received a goodie bag filled with a snack, juice, and an art activity they can do in the comfort of their home. PFF and P&A also donated three bikes with helmets and protective pads to be raffled to the families. The families, especially the children, were very happy to receive the goodie bags and the bikes. Check out some of the photos of the children participating in the amazing event!

-Maritza Trejo, Penny Lane Centers