Abbey Road Projects- September Update

September 2, 2022

Imagine Village II

Bernards Builders are working hard on Imagine Village II.  We are framing out the third/top floor of Imagine village II.  Our drone footage gives you a real perspective on how quickly this building is going up!!

Imagine Village II

Sun Commons

Sun Commons is inching its’ way toward completion.  Our biggest hurdle is getting the final utility hookups.  The amount of construction in LA County has put a real strain on the utility companies and they are trying their best to meet that demand, but it has caused delays in our completion schedule.  We are installing cabinets and are working to finish the interiors of the units.  We continue to work on our site work as well as our offsite (street improvement) work.  We are about to start work on the North Hollywood office site to reconnect their stormwater collection system which was disconnected when we began construction on Sun Commons.  Penny Lane is helping our drought situation by collecting rainwater runoff from the building and infiltrating that into the groundwater system.  

We have finalized our lease up criteria and continue to get sign offs from all our funders on our policies and procedures.  

We will be sending out the lease up requirements as soon as we are finished in the hopes that some of your clients will find more affordable housing options at Sun Commons!  We will have a call-in line that will provide direction regarding the Coordinated Entry System for and how folks will be able to apply for a unit in the general affordable units.  The line is set up but not yet live as we need lender sign off to open up our 30-day application period.

Check out some recent photos of Sun Commons below!

The Rigby and The Main

These two developments continue to apply for the required financing to build the building.  This can take 2-3 years depending upon how the funding cycles line up.  So far both projects have HHH funding through the City of LA and The Rigby was awarded funding from LA County and we are waiting to hear if our application to the State for Multifamily Housing Program and Infill Infrastructure Grant financing was approved.  We continue to move these projects forward and hope to be breaking ground on The Rigby toward the end of next year followed 6-10 months later by The Main.

The Abbey Road Team (Ken, Sue, Sean, and Nicole) are continuing to look for our next two to three projects as well as doing an amazing job watching over our existing projects.

-Maura Johnson, Abbey Road