Promotional Spotlight: Alexandra Fryer

March 31, 2023

Ali Fryer- Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS) Supervisor

In this month’s promotional spotlight, we would like to introduce Ali Fryer, Adoption Promotion Support Services (APSS) Supervisor, working at our Antelope Valley Family Center.

Ali began her career at Penny Lane in December 2019 as an APSS Case Manager and since that time has earned her master’s degree in psychology which in part, led to her promotion in February of this year. In her current role as APSS Supervisor, she has two direct reports. The APSS Mentor Coordinator and Case Manager.

Excellent job on your continued success Ali!

What was your journey prior to coming to Penny Lane (PLC)?

I came to Penny Lane after living and working in Orange County for four years. I had received my bachelor’s degree in psychology and worked as an ABA therapist where I was able to grow in my skills and confirm my belief that I wanted to pursue psychology further.

What brought you to PLC?

I moved backed to the Antelope Valley and immediately applied for Penny Lane. An important adult from my life during high school spoke highly of her experience here.  I felt it may be the good place for me as well (thanks Jennifer Gorman!)

What is your favorite aspect of working at PLC?

My favorite part of working at PLC is my amazing team. We collaborate well as employees and support each other as friends. I have worked in APSS for over three years and am honored to be moving up as its supervisor. I have also had the opportunity to sit on the Strategic Planning Committee and get to know staff from other departments and locations which is always fun. It important to me that the voices of staff and clients are heard internally and then acted on.

What was the path to promotion like for you?

My path to promotion was a bit unexpected but came up at the perfect time. I received my master’s degree this past May and spent a couple of months considering what that meant for my work with APSS. When the position became available it felt like it was meant to be. I got to challenge myself in my field while staying with my team.

How did the PLC team help along the way?

I have been supported by my supervisor Charito and team members Gabriela, Dania, and Marlene. I have always been encouraged to pursue my passions; it makes a difference when other people believe in you.

What were some benefits that PLC offers that you took advantage of to further your education / career with PLC?

My promotion would not have been possible if it were not for the flexibly to start and complete my master’s degree while working for Penny Lane. I began graduate school a few months after starting with Penny Lane, taking night classes, and ultimately completing my internship here as well. Being able to continue to work while getting my internship hours was a benefit that so many other students I went to school with didn’t have.  Another benefit is the ability to participate in loan forgiveness with PLC.

What has been the most difficult part of your new role thus far?

There are many technical things that come with supervising a program such as budgeting, additional meetings, and many questions coming from many different people. It has been a fun challenge to see the behind-the-scenes aspect of a program I worked in for so long.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

When I was in high school my husband and I were in a branch of Boy Scouts called Sea Scouts. I can tie several knots, drive boats, and might still be able to sail.

What event in your life shaped you significantly?

My younger cousin came to live with me when I was 6. She and I were very different, and she struggled to interact with others and make friends. She was my first little sister, and I was exceedingly protective of her. Her life experiences coupled with her intellectual and emotional challenges opened my eyes to the difficulty of the world and the need for others to have empathy and compassion for those around them. I credit her for being in the field I am now.

What’s the best piece of advice you ever got?

My mentor in college was kind, encouraging, and direct. At a time in my life when I compared myself to others, in a race to “outdo” those around me, she reminded that I simply didn’t need to. The greatest advice I ever received was from her, telling me to slow down. That I could run and be the best and greatest right now but at what cost? I now do my best to take in everything and appreciate what I have before jumping to the next thing.

What do you appreciate most about Penny Lane?

Penny lane has offered me the opportunity to learn from great people and given me lifelong mentors and friends. I have made relationships here that I know will carry on for many years.

Please share something you are grateful for.  

I am unendingly grateful for my husband and partner of 9 years. He has seen and supported me through every goal I have set for myself and never lets me settle.

-Ali Fryer, Penny Lane Centers