Monthly Wellness Corner - March

March 2, 2022

A Holistic Perspective of Wellness

From a holistic perspective one’s wellbeing rests in the degree of alignment between the functions of body, mind, and emotions. As you can imagine, the initial target of attention is circled around the mind, the origin of all that is good and the instigator of all that is evil. This mind, therefore, has the power to heal and the will to destroy at its disposal. So, it shall be of no surprise to turn our focus to the mind as we navigate our way through the highway of wholeness and wellbeing.

There are many methods of attending to the quality of the mind, such as meditation and mindfulness techniques, that are all too familiar and work for many, but not for all. There are many individuals who have difficulty with quieting the mind, becoming absolutely mindful of the objects of their attention, and controlling the intruding thoughts, who may benefit from other activities that are more concrete and reasonable to their senses.

Parviz Nafari

Start with “grounding” yourself physically. Create a safe place where you can spend some time there, calmly, and peacefully. Manifest what calms you out there around you, light a candle, burn an incense, put some flowers there in the corner of your eyes. This will increase the positive vibrations around you which invites higher vibrations to improve the feeling of the space. For a while, you just want to attend to this space, like you would be attending to a plant, visit it, sit in it, with no particular aim in mind, just observe and wait for what may grow in there. Paying gratitude for being able to have such a space goes a long way and facilitates the “Psychological Grounding” needed to continue the journey. Sit in your sacred space as long as you can in gratitude at least once a day. Focus on you and what you have as you breathe and count your blessings.

Now, you are almost there, all you need are a nice notebook and a pen. These too are carefully chosen and placed in “your” space with outmost care. Then comes the time to set your intention, to go within and to start a dialogue with your “self.” Begin to write, ask questions about you and what triggers your emotions, and wait for answers. Trust it, this is called “Automatic Writing,” or as termed by C.G. Jung, “Active Imagination.” Dedicate some time and do this over a period of time, and if you are patient, you would not be disappointed to know what your “self” has to say.

Here is the idea; you are a unique and gifted individual and no one other than you know what you need and what you need to do to become whole and reach the highest level of wellbeing. All you need is to make some time for you, away from the distractions, and follow your bliss.

-Parviz Nafari, Penny Lane Centers