Mental Health Services

Through our contract with the Department of Mental Health (DMH), we provide a multi-faceted approach to the emotional wellness of our residents. The highlights of this unique program include mental health services provided to clients in schools, foster homes, probation camps, group homes as well as the community. Our therapeutic staff work proactively with the families and caregivers in order to develop a plan that works for both the child and the family to address the child’s mental health needs.

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)

Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) is a one-to-one, short-term, behavioral mental health intervention. TBS can help children, youth, parents, caregivers, foster parents, group home staff, and school personnel learn new ways of reducing and managing challenging behaviors, as well as strategies and skills to increase the kinds of behaviors that will enable children and youth to succeed in their current environment. The goal of TBS is to help child remain in his/her home and avoid being placed in a higher level of care such as a residential treatment facility, or assist children to transition to a lower level of care such as a foster home or biological home.

School-Based Therapy

Penny Lane therapists maintain offices in local schools to provide evaluation and therapeutic services to children during their regular school day.

Case Management Services

Case Management Services are aimed at facilitating adaptive, independent functioning through linkage with community resources.

Medication Support Services

Medication services support other psychosocial interventions that are aimed at addressing the client’s functional impairments. Medication support services include psychiatric assessment, prescribing medication, medication monitoring and medication education.

Evidence Based Practices (EBPs)

Penny Lane offers 9 EBPs which target a range of issues including: family conflict, parenting challenges, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, attention difficulties and disruptive behavior. Our well trained, culturally competent staff are dedicated to delivering these short-term practices with the utmost care and respect for the well-being and success of our clients and families.

School Based Mental Health Services

Penny Lane Centers provides mental health services for 13 schools. All schools are located in the San Fernando Valley and are within LAUSD district.


The local GAIN office refers adult clients who have mental health needs that are interfering with their ability to be gainfully employed. A focus is placed on addressing these work related mental health needs and providing the help needed to work successfully at competitive jobs.

Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice provides education and treatment to youth offenders who have criminal backgrounds and intense treatment needs. Treatments include individual, group and family therapy, substance abuse counseling, and case management.

The Vocational Education Program services transitional aged youth 16-25 years of age who are ready to learn and develop the skills needed to enter the workforce.


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