Individual Placement and Support Employment Services (IPS)

Overcoming challenges on your career path.

Placement and Support

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidenced-based model of supported employment that helps all individuals interested in working to obtain jobs of their choosing. The program serves both adults and adolescents. IPS services can be accessed through our adult CalWorks program in the Antelope Valley and in our Penny Lane housing programs in the San Fernando Valley.

Employment services may include:

  • professional job skills
  • resumes
  • applications
  • mock interviews
  • meeting employers
  • job coaching
  • on-the-job training
  • long-term job supports

Why participate in IPS?

  • Rate of competitive employment is 55% for IPS clients 
  • Exemplary Level of Fidelity
  • Time-unlimited in-work support for both the employee and the employer

Why employers want to work with the IPS program.

  • Employment Specialists work closely with employers to understand their unique and specified 
  • The IPS program prepares quality candidates for success in the workplace
  • IPS provides employment job placement services and support at no cost  

Hear what participants have to say…

“My Employment Specialist helped me feel confident in being able to talk to employers and practice my interview skills.”

“Everyone on the IPS team gave me so much support and I was able to find a job I look forward to everyday.”

“After talking about my goals, my IPS team helped me enroll in a certificate program.  I now have a career and not just a job.”

“I had some struggles at work when I first started my job.  My Employment Specialist helped me speak with my supervisor, and the situation got better.”

Hear what employers have to say…

“Penny Lane really listened to what we were looking for in a job applicant and found a candidate with those skills.”

“The employee we hired was motivated and reliable.”

“We called the Employment Specialist when we needed applicants.  They brought in a great applicant right away, who we ended up hiring.”

“It has been beneficial working with the program as they prepare applicants for the job.  They also help workers improve their job performance. “


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