Relative Support Services

Helping adults who provide care for related and non-related children.  If you are taking care of your grandchild, niece/nephew, cousin or someone else’s child,we may be able to help you with specialized support services.

Support Services Include:
Academy Support – Advocacy – Case Management – Child Care – Clothing – Conflict Resolution/Mediation – Counseling – general – Counseling – mental health – Early Child Care Employment – Family Conferencing – Financial Aid – Food Pantry – Furniture/Small – Appliances – Health Care Access – Health Education – Home Approval Assistance – Individual Education Plan (IEP) – Information and Referrals – Job Placement/Development – Job Readiness Training – Legal Assistance – Life Skills Training – Medical/Vision/Dental Care Mentoring – Navigation of Services – Permanency Planning – Public Benefits Assistance – Recreation/Enrichment Activities – Rental Assistance – Support Group – Transportation Tutoring  – Utility Assistance  – Youth Leadership Development

When the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) detains children for reasons of child safety, Relative/NREFM caregivers are often first secured as resource families for these children.

Relative Resource Families provide substitute care for children placed away from their parents. By choosing to be a Relative Resource Parent, you are providing a temporary, safe, stable and loving home for children or youth. They remain in your home until they can safely reunite with their birth parents or an alternative permanent plan is made for the child. If reunification is not successful, then you as a relative resource parent are approved and ready to adopt that child or youth.

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