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Foster Family and Adoption Agency (FFA)

Penny Lane’s FFA provides professional training and support for you to become a certified foster or adoptive parent. Foster children range from birth to 19 years of age and are referred to Penny Lane by the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS). When it has been determined that a foster child cannot be reunified with his/her family, Penny Lane works to ensure permanency for children by matching them with certified adoptive families and facilitating the adoption process. The FFA program at Penny Lane Centers works to find safe loving foster homes for children while offering both the child and the foster parent a wide array of social, therapeutic and supportive services.

If you would like more information about becoming a foster or adoptive parent, we invite you to attend one of our monthly orientations where we can answer all of your questions. Please call your local Penny Lane Office for orientation dates and times. 

Penny Lane foster parents are loving, dedicated, responsible individuals and families who open their hearts and their homes to children. Penny Lane welcomes the diversity of all families regardless of gender, race, age, marital status, ethnic background or sexual orientation. 

Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC) Program

Penny Lane Centers’ ITFC Program is an alternative to group home or residential care. Children in this program commonly have a history of self-destructive behavior, verbal and physical aggression, and other challenging behaviors. These issues often originate from extreme neglect, developmental complications, or physical/sexual abuse. ITFC offers a stable and supportive, family-based program for these children. Each child’s treatment is outcome specific and involves intensive counseling, in home and community based services, education, behavioral instruction, and a comprehensive treatment plan. Penny Lane Centers’ goal is to create a positive and successful environment in which the child can steadily develop and progress. ITFC parents must meet the regular foster parent requirements and receive specialized training. ITFC parents meet weekly for support meetings and also receive a significantly higher stipend than regular foster parents. 


Penny Lane’s adoption program offers services to prospective adoptive parents including training, completion of a home study, matching certified adoptive families with available children, and facilitating the adoption finalization. The families are continuously supported throughout the adoptive process. 

Penny Lane is licensed by the state of California as a full service adoption agency to provide services to families including the required Foster/Adopt parent training, family assessments (home studies), placement of children, and assistance in the adoption finalization process. 

Penny Lane Services Provided:

      •    Recruitment/Outreach for Adoptive Families
      •    Precertification Training/Education 
      •    Home Study/Family Assessment
      •    Matching Waiting Children with Prospective Adoptive Families 
      •    Supervising Placements, Providing support and resources 
      •    Facilitating Adoptive Placement and Adoption Finalization 
      •    Referring for Post-Adoption Services 
      •    Referral to Penny Lane Mental Health Services

The time frame for the adoption process varies for each family. Some of the factors that impact the time frame include the type of child requested by the family, the family’s readiness to complete the required forms, documents, and interviews, and the family circumstances of the child waiting to be adopted. The average adoption takes between 12-18 months.

Adoptive Promotion Support Services (APSS)

Penny Lane provides services for adoptive families through the Adoption Promotion and Support Service (APSS) program. Services are offered to families in need of adoption support or for those at risk of adoption disruption at any stage of the adoption process. Children in long-term foster care, foster parents, and prospective adoptive parents are provided with a range of services including: 

      •    Case management 
      •    Adoption-focused counseling – individual, family, group 
      •    Mentoring for parents & children
      •    Support groups (see below for more information)
      •    Adoption-specific therapy
      •    Linkage services including, but not limited to: mental health services,
           regional center services for children with disabilities, chemical dependency programs,                   and social services       



Palmdale Office

Trisha Stewart, MFT
Regional Director
(661) 274-0770 x5915

Eve Gomez
Recruiter Trainer
(661) 274-0770 x 2394 

Commerce Office

Charito Guerrero
Regional Director
(323) 318-9960 x3304

Cynthia Martinez
Recruiter Trainer
(323) 480-9307 x3307 

North Hollywood Office

Monica Smith
Regional Director
(818) 894-3384 x4821

Joseline Valencia
Recruiter Trainer
(818) 894-3384 x4825 

Laurie ReinMFT
Adoption Program Manager
(818) 894-3384 x4809