Working as an intern was a very rewarding and fulfilling experience. I felt a strong sense of purpose every day because I had something to do. My coworkers were really nice and fun to work with. Most customers were very gracious and pleasant to help. The work wasn’t too hard either. It was mostly just putting stuff back where it belonged and cleaning up departments. I actually preferred just organizing and cleaning up everything. At first I thought I wouldn’t really like working with customers because of how shy I am, but it actually became my favorite part. I really enjoyed helping people and getting thanked and I think it helped me with my lacking social skills.

Some days I would feel very tired getting home, but also proud of myself for actually doing something.     –  N.N.

Employment Services


Employment Support Program (ESP)
Work Experience Program (WE)

The Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) assists Californians with disabilities obtain and retain employment and maximize their ability to live independently. Vocational rehabilitation teams work closely with job seekers to establish the best combination of services and resources necessary to prepare for, find, retain and advance in employment. Our services are tailored to each individual’s strengths and challenges to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Individual Placement and Support (IPS) is an evidence-based practice of supported employment and education. The goal of IPS is to rapidly get an individual into the community to search for jobs that match the individual’s skills and preferences.

IPS provides clients with training and support in many areas, including: Appropriate interview skills and attire; How to communicate in a helpful way with potential employers (or current employers); Mock interviews; Resume writing; Help with getting involved with educational programs; Job support and Job development. Research shows a higher rate of employment with clients who have participated in the IPS program, versus our clients who are not enrolled in IPS.

Our IPS multidisciplinary treatment team, which includes Clinicians, Employment Specialists, Case Mangers and Psychiatrists are ready to assist you. If you are interested in learning more about IPS, please contact our North Hills office at 
(818) 432-0824.


Help Former Foster and Disadvantaged Youth Achieve Success Through Paid Internships and Vocational Training

Through the WE program our youth are given the opportunity to become positive members of the community, cultivate hands-on work experience and learn practical skills that will help them gain stable employment in the future.  Our unique internship program provides a foundation for our youth to develop independence, self-confidence and coping skills that promote personal and professional growth.  
Businesses that work with our youth also greatly benefit from the WE program; they get extra staff at no costs who become excellent candidates for new hire when the internship is complete!

My experience with the internship was a great experience. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with your program. The staff assisted me with going to the interview and getting the job. I received my check promptly and was treated with respect. I give you five stars. Thank you very much for the chance to get a job. – J. F.

My experience at HomeGoods through Penny Lane was great! Honestly if it wasn’t for Penny Lane services I‘d probably still be unemployed because nobody wants to hire a girl with no work experience.  I received hands on experience in retail and learned a lot about work ethic and teamwork. I appreciate all the help!   –  N. B.

Contact  our North Hills office at (818) 432-1824

Jana Harmon
Employment Services Supervisor

Cell: (818) 588-1649

Phone: (818) 432-1824